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When WordCamp Europe was born the idea was to host it in a different European city every year. The reasoning behind this is quite clear – gather WordPress enthusiasts from all around the continent in a new exciting place each year to share knowledge, have fun and get to know the local community of that country and city.

The choice which city to host WordCamp Europe for each year is made by the organising team of the previous year based on applications that european communities submit, much like a standard WordCamp application, just on a different scale.

We have to consider many different aspects of the application – from how well prepared the budget and venue research were and how strong and well established the local community is to things like the location itself, where on the map it is compared to the location of the year before, how affordable it would be for attendees, is it easy to get there and how strong the local team is.


Leiden, Sofia, Seville…

This year we skipped the open call for applications to host WordCamp Europe. There was only one reason behind this decision – time. As we wanted to move WordCamp Europe in the first half of the year, we were quite limited in time. So instead of publishing an open call for applications, we reached out to some of the best established WordPress communities in Europe and asked them to assemble a team and prepare bids to host WCEU 2015.

We chose Seville because it had the best mixture of everything we were looking for – exotic location, affordable, well-connected with the rest of Europe,  a very experienced local team and a strong WordPress community.

From 2015 on the host city for each WordCamp Europe will be chosen after a public bidding process. Starting right now.

Apply to host WordCamp Europe 2016

The application process is now open and we would love to have you on board. To apply, you need to prepare a budget and fill out an application form. The call for hosting WordCamp Europe 2016 will be open until April 24th. If you want to do it and believe you can pull it off,

Start here


We’re very excited for you!

The organising team

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