Explore Seville – recommended places to eat, drink and have fun

Welcome to Seville, #WCEU 2015 goers!

WordCamp Europe is only two weeks away! We can’t wait to meet all of you in the beautiful and hot (seriously, bring a hat) city of Seville.

To make your stay extraordinary and save you lots of valuable research time, we’ve prepared a couple of lists with Recommended places in the city.

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We have prepared several lists of recommended places by category. Save those and look no further!

Discover Seville!


This list has places worth visiting in Seville as well as places to go to have fun and cool off.

Save the Foursquare list: Seville: Sights and fun

Get a drink


We’ve hand picked our favourite places to grab a drink at night.

Save the Foursquare list: #WCEU 2015: Drinks

Grab a bite


Tapas bars/Restaurants:

There are loads of places in the city that serve local food and tapas. Here is our list of recommended Tapas bars and Restaurants.

Save the Foursquare list: #WCEU 2015: Food

Vegetarian/Vegan places:


Most tapas places in the city have vegetarian options and a lot of them have allergy and ingredients lists in their menus, so don’t be shy to ask for one. Here is a list of tested and highly recommended places for vegetarians/vegans.

Save the Foursquare list: #WCEU 2015: Veggie

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Co-working spaces

Going to Seville a few days early and need a place to work in peace? Here are a few places recommended by our local team:

Work In Company

Co-Working Room

Coworking La Bañera

Happy exploring!

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