How to use a city bike in Seville



Welcome to Sevilla! There are many ways to get around town, some of which you can check in this post. But it’s summer and bikes are one of the most fun and easy way to get around. Seville has a public bike service you can all take advantage of! So here is how you can use it.

There are two ways, short and long-term.

If you are here for the WordCamp Europe it’s probably easier to invest in a 7-day short-term Sevici pass. A long-term card is about 34 euros for a year.

To use the Sevici with a short-term code you need to:

  • Find an available Sevici bike obviously… And check the machine nearby.
  • You need your credit card, and the machine is going to charge you 13-14 euros plus the right to withdraw 150 euros. I actually don’t think they withdraw the 150 as a deposit. Instead they preserve the right to withdraw them in case you should choose to eat the bike or something… First 30 minutes are free, after those 30 minutes, you will be charged 1 euro per hour.
  • Follow the instructions to get a short-term code. You’ll probably need to enter a pin code.
  • Now that you have your card, you’re ready to get your famous Sevici bike.

So, follow the instructions on the screen to get a bike, which is done through the menu in Spanish “retirar una bicicleta” which is Spanish for WordCamp Europe Rocks 😉

Choose your favourite iron horse and off you go…

Next time you need a ride you only have to repeat the last step. As easy as saying “dos cervezas”. Enjoy the ride!

Read more here:

And this map with all the Sevici stations:

Enjoy Sevilla!

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