Providing Feedback for Speakers

One of the things that speakers often request is a mechanism for providing feedback on their talk. This year we’re going to experiment with our website to see if we can make that happen. Every speaker has their own bio on the website. After a speaker has presented, we invite you to leave a comment on their bio to provide the speaker with feedback. If the speaker has said that they would like to receive feedback, you’ll find comments switched on on their bio.

To leave feedback for a speaker, find them on the speaker page, click their name, and leave a comment for them.

Providing Useful Feedback

Feedback helps speakers to improve their future presentations, so please leave feedback that is helpful and constructive. For example:

  • did you enjoy a speaker’s presentation style?
  • did they talk too fast? Too slowly? Too quietly?
  • was there something in particular that you learned?
  • tell a speaker about a piece of advice you found particularly useful
  • let them know what you would have liked to hear more about
  • was there anything technically incorrect?

Feedback should meet the WordCamp code of conduct. Comments that are abusive or non-constructive will be moderated.


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