Video: Q&A with Matt Mullenweg | #wceu

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4 Responses to Video: Q&A with Matt Mullenweg | #wceu

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  2. margaret says:

    there seems to be a bug with the video player. this particular video won’t play after the 41:48 minute mark.. it either skips to the end or restarts completely. and if the player is in full screen mode, clicking on the timeline after that point exits to regular mode. using latest Chrome and windows 8.1

  3. ge.k says:

    A similar problem occured for me last weekend on I tried to watch Matt’s Q&A Session from wceu 2015 Seville, but had already problems after 14 minutes with sound and picture synchronicity. After a complete restart with cache files removed I came until 40:xx minute, and then came a black screen; no more moving pictures, just sound. This happend last year also; shortly after the upload on
    I guess it’s a temporary server problem, shortly after wceu, bc I tried to watch other videos (Tamy Lister, Morten …) yesterday too, and it was quite the same behaviour. No complete (in sync) stream until the end of the video possible.