Meet the first group of #WCEU 2015 speakers

All jokes aside, it’s time!

The 2015 organising team is really excited to announce the first group of WordCamp Europe speakers you’ll be meeting in Seville.


Ryan McCue was 14 when he started contributing to WordPress. Today, at 21, he’s a WordPress core contributor, and the lead developer of the SimplePie RSS/Atom parsing library included with core, plus the Requests HTTP library. He’s also the lead developer of the JSON REST API project that will bring a full REST API natively into WordPress. In all of his spare time, he’s a developer at Human Made.

Zé Fontainhas is a long time WordPress contributor, WordCamp and meet up organiser and community leader. He’s been an active member of the global WordPress community for the last 10 years, helping contributors from all over the world translate the software in more than 140 languages. Zé is a true Polyglot and European and has spent the last few years working towards creating ties between the European communities. He led the original WordCamp Europe organising team in 2013 in Leiden and we are thrilled to have him back as a speaker in 2015.

Karin Christen is a UX and interaction designer and the co-founder of the UX and WordPress Agency required+ and WordCamp Switzerland co-organiser. She’s a passionate surfer and mountain biker who loves to travel while working. Her goal is to bring her thoughts and procedure related to user experience and interaction design closer to the WordPress community and also to inspire them with her way of thinking and nomadic lifestyle.

Tammie Lister is a theme wrangler at Automattic. She’s lucky enough to spend her days in the world of themes. This means, she gets to not only work on with themes, but also as part of the theme review team for When not themeing, she likes to spend time with her husband and two dogs around the beach they live by. She likes to balance the time spent online with offline crafts, yoga and photography.

Drew Jaynes is a WordPress docs committer is currently leading the 4.2 release. He lives and works in Denver as a Web Engineer at 10up, a distributed digital agency focused on making publishing and content management easy and fun. 10up donates a significant portion of Drew’s time to contributing back to core and the community.

Jack Lenox is a Design Engineer on the Theme Generation team at Automattic. He has been building websites and web apps with WordPress since 2008. In 2011 he set up writing community, powered by WordPress. He lives in the north of England where he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, appreciating great design and drinking good coffee.

Speaker announcements will continue in the next few weeks along with interviews with some of the speakers, so stay tuned! Follow #WCEU on TwitterFacebook and Google +, to stay on top of things. 


The organising team

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