Short Talks (Click for details)

1. Jordi Cabot – Looking at WordPress through the eyes of a Software Researcher

What does a researcher have to say about the WordPress source code and the community behind it? Join us on this talk on unusual “WordPress analytics” and see what we can learn, and improve!, from the way WordPress (and the plugin and theme ecosystem around it) is developed nowadays.

2. Ella Iseulde Van Dorpe – Just Write.

How are we improving the writing experience in WordPress? What can we do for the user to keep them better focussed on their content? I’ll talk about some improvements we did in the last few releases and what we could do in the future.

3. Aki Björklund – The Evolution of WordPress Software Development

When you start to use WordPress as an application platform, one thing is very soon clear: WordPress defines very little base structure for your application code, where to put and how to write tests, how application is loaded, or for example how dependencies should be managed. Because of this, applications or just complex sites built on top of WordPress tend to get really messy.

There are application frameworks built on top of WordPress, but none of them seem to have wide enough use for to build any serious applications on top of. Until any of those gets wide-spread adoption, combining existing, non-WordPress specific PHP technologies as a custom solution probably is a more future-proof solution. We will be looking into one possible stack of technologies.