Franz Vitulli

Franz works at Human Made, the WordPress agency – and WordPress.com VIP partner – behind Happytables, WP Remote and BackUpWordPress.

He’s responsible for Happytables strategic partnerships, user support and training, documentation and other marketing & growth activities.

When he’s not in front of his laptop, he’s either playing one of his bass guitars or hitting the gym. Chat with him on the Slack main WordPress team (@franz) and find him on Twitter (@franzvitulli).

Nikolay Bachiyski

In 1984, a scientist attempted to clone a bear with brain tissue extracted from Albert Einstien’s rotting corpse. The result was a resounding success: Bulgarian superhero Nikolay Bachiyski was born. Now, many years later Nikolay works to improve developer knoweldge throughout the world as a core contributor to WordPress and Automattician.

Zeev Suraski

Zeev Suraski is one of the principal authors of the PHP programming language. His involvement with PHP dates back to 1997 when he co-created the foundation for PHP 3 – the first version of PHP that resembles ‘modern’ PHP. Zeev later spearheaded the PHP 4 project – which made PHP the most popular development language in the world for Web apps and contributed to PHP 5. Zeev co-founded Zend Technologies in 1999, serves as its CTO and leads the company’s R&D teams.

Rian Rietveld

Rian Rietveld is a WordPress front and backend developer, specialized in accessible websites. Into web development since 1998 and working with WordPress since 2009. She is part of the Make WordPress Accessible team, where she coordinates the wpa11y test team and helps finding solutions for accessibility issues in WordPress core and bundled themes.


Mika Epstein

Mika Ariela Epstein is better known as Ipstenu, the Half-Elf Support Rogue. Working for DreamHost, specializing in WordPress hosting (aka ‘WordPress Guru’), she solves any WordPress problem that comes up, trains everyone in why WordPress makes your life better, and still finds time to slash unanswered WordPress.org forum threads by night and wrangle plugins by day. A self-taught guru on Multisite and .htaccess, she has a passion for writing and technology and blogs regularly about it.

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Adrian Zumbrunnen is a User Experience Designer, Writer, Speaker and Coffee Enthusiast working in the beautiful city of Zurich. He creates memorable product and communication experiences by consequently putting the user in the center of all creative efforts. Formerly at iA, he’s now attempting to create a new editing experience for the web with a new tool called FrontKit.

Joan Boluda

Joan Boluda an Online Marketing Consultant, teacher, podcaster, speaker, and writer from the beautiful city of Barcelona. He runs the Mataró WordPress Meetup, and is a co-organizer of the Barcelona WordPress Meetup and the Barcelona WordPress English Meetup. He is also one of the organizers and speaker of WordCamp Barcelona. While not evangelizing WordPress or podcasting, you can find him teaching Online Marketing Strategy at ESADE Executive Education programs.

Jordi Cabot

Jordi Cabot is an ICREA Research Professor leading a software research lab at Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (UOC University, Spain). He is also the co-founder of Nelio Software, a company specialized in A/B testing services and site migrations for WordPress.

Marina Pape

Marina Pape grew up in Cape Town, studying Psychology and English at UCT, and worked in advertising and the non-profit sector for four years followed by four years helping to grow Yuppiechef.com, South Africa’s leading eCommerce store. In 2014 an international move and bit of luck led her to WooThemes.com and down the WordPress rabbit hole and she now enjoys a typical mixed marketer’s bag day-to-day – including social media, email marketing, brand management and copywriting.


Adam Silverstein

Adam Silverstein started programming by learning assembly code on his Radio Shack color computer (with 4K!), and started a software company from his college dorm room. After years building custom solutions he embraced WordPress as his platform of choice, built sites for clients large and small, and eventually wound up as an Engineering Manager at leading WordPress agency 10up. He was recognized as a “rockstar” for his role in the revisions rewrite for WordPress 3.6 and has contributed to every release since then. He loves long rafting trips, playing mbira, travel, taking walks and tending his over sized garden.”

Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel is a Developer with more than 12 years of experience and DevOps Enthusiast. He is currently focussing on running WordPress for customers and talks about security, data privacy and tries not to get lost in technical details too much. Currently he lives in Hamburg in the northern part of Germany and is a Co-Organizer of the local WordPress Meetup there.


Aki Björklund

Aki Björklund is a mostly self-taught web generalist. He has been developing websites since 2000. After 10 years of developing custom CMSs with Microsoft technologies for media companies, among other things, he had enough and switched to 100% WordPress. Aki is a founder and the CEO of H1, a Finnish WordPress agency.

Ella Iseulde Van Dorpe

Ella Iseulde Van Dorpe is a WordPress core contributor for SiteGround. She was a student on the Google Summer of Code Project, and works on the WordPress user interface, particularly with TinyMCE.

Jeni Tennison

Jeni Tennison is Technical Director of the Open Data Institute. After having originally trained as a psychologist and knowledge engineer and gaining a PhD in collaborative ontology development from the University of Nottingham, she went on to work as an independent consultant and practitioner, specialising in open data publishing and consumption, including XML, JSON and linked data APIs. Before joining the ODI, Jeni was the technical architect and lead developer for legislation.gov.uk. Within the wider UK public sector, she worked on the early linked data work on data.gov.uk helping to engineer new standards for the publication of statistics as linked data. She continues her work within the UK’s public sector as a member of both the UK Government Linked Data Group and the Open Data User Group.

Eric Mann

Eric Mann is a seasoned web developer with experience in languages from JavaScript to Ruby to C#. He has been building websites of all shapes and sizes for the better part of a decade and continues to experiment with new technologies and techniques. Eric is a Lead Web Engineer at 10up (http://10up.com) where he focuses on developing high-end web solutions powered by WordPress.

Juliette Reinders Folmer

Juliette Reinders Folmer is an independent business consultant with wicked IT skills. You might encounter her as a speaker at PHP or WordPress conferences. She is a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) and has been contributing to numerous open source projects since the beginning of this century.

David Aguilera

David Aguilera got his PhD in Computer Science (he specialized in Quality in Conceptual Modeling) and co-founded Nelio Software, a start-up focused on offering WordPress-related services. He’s the lead developer of Nelio A/B Testing, a split testing service for WordPress.

Ilona Filipi

Ilona Filipi is the co-founder and MD of an Innovative WordPress Agency Moove specialising in the planning, production, and post-launch support of bespoke WordPress websites. She blogs at IlonaFilipi.com about the business side of running a WordPress agency.

Thijs de Valk

Thijs de Valk joined team Yoast in December 2012. He is currently Marketing & Sales Manager, which makes him responsible for the flow of sales and improvements in the conversion department. At Yoast, Thijs is doing website and conversion reviews, working on support and performing conversion optimization (A/B) tests on yoast.com.

Mark Forrester

Mark Forrester is the proud Capetonian co-founder of WooThemes. From humble beginnings building commercial themes to helping steer the WooCommerce ship, and the team that empowers 24% of all online shops, Mark is passionate about WordPress and community building. He’s also a husband, father, photographer, football fanatic and wannabe surfer.

Daniel Pataki

Daniel Pataki builds things for WordPress and writes about them. He is the editor of the WordPress section on Smashing Magazine and he writes for WPMU DEV, Hongkiat, Tuts+ and other websites regularly. His goal is to make great tools that enhance the lives of people who use them.

Wouter Groenewold

Wouter Groenewold is a social geek, on the sharp on the edge of humanity and innovation who is always looking for ways to make technology available and more refined for every person.

Silvan Hagen

Silvan Hagen is co-founder of the UX and WordPress agency required+ and one of the organisers for WordCamp Switzerland. He helps his clients to build long-lasting and maintainable solutions, using UX to in the process of building WordPress solutions and plugins. Silvan keeps his mind open with travelling. He surfs and snowboards, takes photographs, and builds self-sustaining permaculture gardens.

Tenko Nikolov

Tenko Nikolov is the Chief Executive Officer of WordPress hosting specialist SiteGround.com. With more than 9 years of experience in the hosting industry, Tenko has been successfully managing and overseeing SiteGround’s development to date. Joining the company in its very dawn, he started as a Support Team member but soon became Support Team manager, then VP of technology, and later was appointed CEO of the company.

Aaron Jorbin

Aaron Jorbin is a Polyhistoric man of the web. Currently a WordPress guest committer and Technical Architect At Conde Nast. He is an ally to many and knows the world is better with Bow Ties and Whisky. He havehasspent the last 5 years as a core contributor to WordPress including the last ~6 months as a committer. One of his passions is keeping WordPress a “gateway drug” to both web development and open source. His passion for education extends beyond technology. He also organises an educational simulation of international relations for 1500 university students from around the world.

Bryce Adams

Bryce Adams is a nomadic coder working for WooThemes.com. He loves open source, building useful products and interacting with the community! In his spare time, he’s either travelling the world and attending WordPress events or building small start-ups that try to push the boundaries of everyday WordPress development.

Pascal Birchler

Pascal Birchler is a 21-year-old computer science student and web developer from Switzerland. He contributes to WordPress wherever he can, whether it’s by organizing the local meetups, WordCamp Switzerland, or by writing on his blog SpinPress. Follow him on twiter @swissspidy.

Heather Burns

Heather Burns is a web site designer and digital law specialist in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been designing web sites since logging on to a dialup UNIX system in 1997 and has been working with WordPress since 2008. Heather actively researches and writes on internet law and policy, specifically laws which impact on the professions of web design and development. Recent topics have included extensive writing on the EU Cookie Law, the EU Consumer Rights Directive, and the EU Place of Supply reforms, as well as the growing conflict between internet users and legislators. She recently completed the postgraduate programme in Internet Law and Policy at the University of Strathclyde.

Yoav Farhi

Yoav Farhi is an Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër at Automattic, who works on everything related i18n (that’s internationalization) and l10n (localization) and of course, translation. A core contributor to WordPress for 6 years now, he works hard to make the web a better place.

Xavier Borderie

Xavier Borderie is the head of WordPress-Francophone, the French non-profit organization for promoting all things WordPress. French translator for WP since v1.2. Co-organizer of 4 WordCamps and 4 WordPress barcamps in Paris. All around nice guy.

Becs Rivett

Becs Rivett is an experienced email marketer who’s worked in beauty, fashion and financial services. She is now working for MailPoet, helping people to send email newsletters within WordPress. When she’s not thinking about email marketing, she is usually thinking about her next meal, which leads her to blog about food on laythetable.com

Anders Jensen-Urstad

Anders Jensen-Urstad has built websites and maintained servers since the days of Linux 2.0.x, Perl and cgi-bin. After a stint as a professional pirate in the European Parliament he’s now involved in Dataskydd.net, a Swedish organization working on data protection issues, and works for a library doing things with open access and free software. He’s interested in intellectual property law and beer and a bunch of other things and hails from Stockholm, Sweden.

Tom Willmot

Tom Willmot is the co-founder & CEO of Human Made, a WordPress agency which is also behind happytables, WP Remote & BackUpWordPress. He’s a long time WordPress user & developer with a passion for people. Scarf enthusiast.

Amelia Andersdotter

Amelia Andersdotter has been a Member of the European Parliament. She currently engages in privacy and data protection advocacy in Sweden.

Drew Jaynes

Drew Jaynes is a WordPress docs committer is currently leading the 4.2 release. He lives and works in Denver as a Web Engineer at 10up, a distributed digital agency focused on making publishing and content management easy and fun. 10up donates a significant portion of Drew’s time to contributing back to core and the community.

Jack Lenox

Jack Lenox is a Design Engineer on the Theme Generation team at Automattic. He has been building websites and web apps with WordPress since 2008. In 2011 he set up writing community jottify.com, powered by WordPress. He lives in the north of England where he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, appreciating great design and drinking good coffee.

Zé Fontainhas

Zé Fontainhas is a long time WordPress contributor, WordCamp and meet up organiser and community leader. He’s been an active member of the global WordPress community for the last 10 years, helping contributors from all over the world translate the software in more than 140 languages. Zé is a true Polyglot and European and has spent the last few years working towards creating ties between the European communities. He led the original WordCamp Europe organising team in 2013 in Leiden and we are thrilled to have him back as a speaker in 2015.

Tammie Lister

Tammie Lister is a theme wrangler at Automattic. She’s lucky enough to spend her days in the world of themes. This means, she gets to not only work on WordPress.com with themes, but also as part of the theme review team for WordPress.org. When not themeing, she likes to spend time with her husband and two dogs around the beach they live by. She likes to balance the time spent online with offline crafts, yoga and photography.

Ryan McCue

Ryan McCue was 14 when he started contributing to WordPress. Today, at 21, he’s a WordPress core contributor, and the lead developer of the SimplePie RSS/Atom parsing library included with core, plus the Requests HTTP library. He’s also the lead developer of the JSON REST API project that will bring a full REST API natively into WordPress. In all of his spare time, he’s a developer at Human Made.

Tony Kovanen

Tony Kovanen works with Automattic as a JavaScript Wrangler tweaking Jetpack among other things. He is a core team member of Socket.IO and contributes to many other Open Source projects. He loves to explore new technologies and ways to improve user experience, code quality and performance. He is born and currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Jenny Wong

Jenny Wong is a web developer at Human Made. Her love for development goes beyond the screen & is an advocate of both the PHP and WordPress communities.
As a WordCamp speaker, community event organiser and PHP Women evangelist, she loudly cheers people on to share knowledge & contribute back to both communities.

Karim Marucchi

Karim Marucchi is the CEO of Crowd Favorite and Chairman of The VeloMedia Group. In the past 20 years, his career path has encompassed a variety of opportunities including founding startups, working for large web agencies and taking companies public. This wealth of experience in taking digital teams across the globe has provided Karim with the necessary foundation and institutional knowledge in leading Crowd Favorite into the growing multinational organization it has become today.

Helen Hou-Sandí

Helen Hou-Sandí is the Director of Platform Experience at 10up, a WordPress core committer, and the WordPress 4.0 release lead. She believes in WordPress as an amazing publishing platform, and loves working on all aspects of WordPress and cool things with WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg

Co-founder, WordPress; founder, Automattic

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of the open-source blogging platform, WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the web, and the founder of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and Jetpack. Additionally, Matt is a principal and founder of Audrey Capital, an investment and research company.

Matt got his start in technology working at CNET Networks as a senior product manager. He went on to found Global Multimedia Protocols Group, an experimental metamemetics company, to develop open data formats. He has been recognized for his leadership and success by Forbes, BusinessWeek, INC., PC World, and Vanity Fair.

Matt is originally from Houston, Texas, where he attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and studied jazz saxophone. In his spare time, Matt is an avid photographer. Matt splits time between Houston, New York, and San Francisco.

Karin Christen

Karin is a co-founder at required+, a swiss based web company with focus on Interaction Design, Mobile Web and WordPress. As an Interaction Designer she is setting her focus on the user’s perspective. Clients hire her to either work on applications with usability issues or to integrate in teams where they start a project from scratch. In here free time she loves to be in the Swiss Alps with her downhill mountain bike.

Mark Jaquith

Mark Jaquith has been working with and contributing to WordPress since 2004. He is one of the lead developers of the WordPress core and offers freelance WordPress consulting services through Covered Web Services with a focus on scaling, security, and custom functionality. Mark likes patches that have more red than green, and his favorite WordPress features are the ones that you’re not even aware of. He eagerly looks forward to shooting down your feature suggestions with, “No, but it would make a great plugin!”

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