WordCamp Europe Buzz – send us your stories

Dearest WordCampers,

In this post we will publish links to all your posts and pictures from WordCamp Europe no matter the language or length. Please send us links to them in the comments below.

Photo by Found Art Photography

Photo by Found Art Photography




Bronson Quick interviews Graham Armfeild about accessibility. Photo by Ant Miller, http://meewa.re/

Bronson Quick interviews Graham Armfeild about accessibility. Photo by Ant Miller, http://meewa.re/

Ant Miller and Bronson Quick started a series of podcasts with WordCamp Europe 2015 attendees. They’re posting them daily on Ant’s blog, but we will also list them here for you to not miss. Enjoy!

Once again, add a link to your posts and pictures in a comment below and we will add it to this post. Meanwhile you can also check the #WCEU Social Activity Stream.

Remember, WordCamp Europe is not over until you blog about it!

The organising team

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17 Responses to WordCamp Europe Buzz – send us your stories

  1. Felix Arntz says:

    It was my first (but not last) WordCamp, and I had great experiences – thanks a lot! http://leaves-and-love.net/my-first-wordcamp-why-i-loved-wordcamp-europe-2015/

  2. Studio Maker says:

    Studio Maker: WordCamp 2015

  3. We really enjoyed WordCamp Europe! Meeting so many people from all these diverse countries was a great experience.

    BTW, you might want to add that our post at WPrincipiante is “in Spanish” 😉

  4. Alice Still says:

    It was my first WordCamp and first WordCamp Europe – definitely no my last! Thank you all so much for organising it. I wrote about it here: http://stillcopywriting.com/2015/07/accessibility-wordcamp-europe-2015/

  5. Hi!

    We published two posts in our blog (one before WordCamp and another one after Wordcamp). We are looking forward to next meeting everyboduy again next year in Vienna 🙂

    Apasionados: WordPress multi idioma en WordCamp Europe en Sevilla (05/07/2015) in Spanish & WordPress WordCamp Europe 2015 en Sevilla (28/04/2015) in Spanish

  6. lanche86 says:

    Hey guys! Here is the link of my Blog post on #wceu:


  7. Hi! These are some pictures I took in WCEU.


    As my camera doesn’t work too well in low light, I focused on the attendees and common areas, I hope someone likes to recognize in them 🙂

    Greetings to all!

  8. James Weiner says:


    we had a brilliant time at WordCamp and have done a short write-up of what we enjoyed here: https://blog.poetica.com/2015/07/08/wordcamp-srccon-codex/ “Our first WordCamp and other awesome events”

  9. Claire says:


    Awesome WordCamp Europe! Moove Agency’s blog post is here:


    Thanks 🙂


  10. I had such a blast, thanks for organizing! Here’s my post: http://torquemag.io/five-things-missed-wordcamp-europe-2015/